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The Racine Fire Bells is a group of citizens from Southeast Wisconsin who have dedicated themselves to preserving Fire Fighting History and Support of the Fire Service through Rehab. Members of the Fire Bells come from a three county area - Racine, Kenosha, and Walworth Counties. Individuals outside these three counties potentially could apply for membership if there is no other fire buff or fire service support group in their county or area. Milwaukee and Waukesha counties are supported by the Milwaukee Fire Bell Club, and Northern Illinois counties are supported by the Metro Emergency Support and Services (MESS) group. Citizens interested in joining our group need to proceed through a series of steps before membership is accepted.

First ask yourself do you want to just chase fire trucks, to be close to a fire or other emergency scenes or is there a much deeper desire to learn about the fire service both past and present. For us both are important, the history of fire fighting and fire service support. Its not all about just chasing fire trucks.

Next do you seek the glory of a fire service or are you keenly interested in the physical welfare of fire fighters, EMT's, and law enforcement officers? We are not about chasing or seeking glory. On the contrary we are about service, and support. Being humble and true to ourselves and others. Emergency Scenes are no place for glory. Every time there is a fire someone loses something they value, every time there is an accident there is pain, suffering, disfigurement, and sometimes death. What we do is about unselfishly supporting the victims of fire, victims of accidents, and those who protect us twenty four hours a day. Finally what type of time commitment can you make to the group? We do not ask for undying time frames but ask that our members periodically put in time assisting with fundraisers, maintenance and tours of Firehouse 3 Museum, and of course availability for Rehab. What we do not wish is for someone to join, and only show up for the "Big One". There are a number of little projects that only require a couple of hours a month, and often the time commitment is very flexible.

Once you get through all that, sat down and contemplated where and what you would like to do then, you need to have an existing Fire Bell member sponsor your application. You may use our contact page to get in touch with one of our officers who then can help you make contact with a member. Once you have a Fire Bell member to sponsor your application, the application is filled out and goes before our membership committee for review. Next it is forwarded for a background check by law enforcement and area fire departments. Finally the membership application is presented for approval or rejection at a regularly scheduled meeting. You may be asked to appear before the membership committee or the general membership prior to a vote on the application. This entire process may take three to six months. In the meantime you may be afforded an opportunity to experience the many different facets of the Fire Bells.

Send via email or snail mail your interest in the Fire Bells. Click on this link:

Racine Fire Bells Membership Information Email Page


Fill out and Send this email to get additional information about becoming a member of the Racine Fire Bells.

Racine Fire Bells, Inc
PO Box 081042
Racine, WI 53408-1042