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Racine Fire Bells Response Area

Response Area

The Racine Fire Bells respond to a three county area in Southeast Wisconsin covering Racine, Kenosha and Walworth Counties - MABAS Divisions 101, 102 and 103. Rehab 64 is based out of the Lake Geneva Fire Station and Rehab 65 along with Rehab 66 are based out of Racine. Each truck has a general response area loosly defined as Highway 75 & 83. The Fire Bells are automatically dispatched to working fires based on MABAS Box Alarm cards which each fire department in the area develops. All three trucks are dispatched by Division 102 Racine County. The Fire Bells not only respond to fires but also respond for natural or manmade disasters including the rioting which occured in Kenosha during 2020. The Fire Bells support all Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement agencies when requested. Requesting the Fire Bells to respond is either done over MABAS IFERN or through telephone request to Racine County (262) 886-2300 24/7/365.