Racine Fire Bells/Firehouse 3 Museum

REHAB Capabilities and Equipment

FB Car 64 & 65

The Racine Fire Bells operate two Rehab Units based out of Racine, WI.

REHAB CAR 64 is a 1996 Chevy P-6 Chassis with a Grumman All Aluminum Body. Lynch Diversified Vehicles (LDV) of Burlington, WI converted the vehicle for Rehab Use in 1998. This vehicle is now kept at the Lake Geneva Fire Station and will be available for emergency incidents west of Highway 75 in Racine and Kenosha County including Eastern Walworth County.

REHAB Car 64 is equipped with almost two hundred 16 to 20 ounce bottles of Water and Gaterade. In addition another 40 gallons of fresh water is carried in portable insulated jugs, and a built in poly tank. Other liquid refreshments include powdered Gaterade, powdered Lemonade, Hot Cocoa, and Coffee. A very limited supply of soda is also stocked. The on-board coffee maker is capable of producing 1-1/2 gallons of coffee or hot water every four minutes.

The truck carries a large quantity of Beef Stew, Ravoli, and other prepackaged foods for use at fire scenes. Rehab Car 64 can initially feed between 50 and 70 fire fighters including seconds if necessary.

REHAB CAR 65 is a 1991 Ford/Medtec Modular Ambulance donated by the Mt Pleasant Fire Department that has been converted for Rehab. This truck carries about 100 bottles of Water and Gaterade, along with 15 gallons of fresh water in three 5 gallon jugs. This unit also carries powdered Gaterade, powdered Lemonade, Hot Cocoa, and Coffee with a very small supply of soda.

COMMON items between both Rehab Units include Microwave Ovens, frozen food and snacks, Granola Bars, Cookies, and warming devices such as Neskos. Both Rehab Units carry ice during the Summer along with two Misting Fans with 10 gallons of fresh water each. Just as important as the food is cleaning up before eating any type of food. Both units carry a supply of cleaning wipes both for disinfecting, and general wash up.

Both Rehab Units also have their own electrical generators, fixed and portable flood lighting, and well stocked first aid kits including oxygen. Both units are fully air conditioned during the summer and well heated during the winter.

Both Rehab Units carry a variety of linens including towels, and blankets. During the winter both units have duffle bags of dry wool socks, and dry mittens/gloves.

Communications capabilities of both units include VHF and UHF radios along with Cross Band repeater equipment for Interagency Operability. Rehab Car 64 carries Six Saber VHF radios for on scene communications. Both units have cellular telephones.

Recent Additions to both Rehab Units include GANG CHARGERS for Motorola MT2000, HT1000, JT1000, HT1250, and HT750 Portable radios. These chargers are capable of recharging these hand held radios in under an hour. Six Radios or Batteries can be charged at a time. We NOW HAVE Gang Chargers for Kenwood Radios also.

Misc supplies include oil dry/kitty litter for traction, electrical extension cords, various size zip lock bags, Thermo-electric ice/heating chests, hand tools, and portable flashlights.

For a complete list of Rehab Runs since 1998 check out "Fire Bells Runs/Activity" link. "REHAB Photo Gallery" has a collection of photos from Rehab Operations.

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