Racine Fire Bells/Firehouse 3 Museum

Who are the Racine Fire Bells

The Racine Fire Bells are a civic minded, community based group of volunteers who provide immediate shelter for displaced victims of fire and rehabiliation services for fire fighters, law enforcement, and EMS personnel while they battle and overhaul fires throughout Southeast Wisconsin.

The organization was formed and incorporated in the State of Wisconsin in 1948 with the mission to support the Emergency Services in their efforts to protect citizens, and combat the flames of destruction. We provide immediate, on scene shelter for fire victims, food, and refreshments for fire fighters during multiple alarm fires. We also provide assistance, as requested by area fire departments, for a variety of other emergencies including Haz Mat, Dive Rescue, Search and Recovery, in addition to providing scene lighting, and community service.

The Racine Fire Bells periodically provide First Responder First Aid at a variety of community events every year. The Fire Bells firmly support fire safety and education through Firehouse 3 Museum. Our community service is provided at no cost to the Citizens of Southeast Wisconsin.

Our objectives are simple. They are:

  • To operate and maintain a museum dedicated to educating the public on the dangers of fires, and fire fighting in the community.
  • To preserve documents, photographs, and relics of the history of fire fighting in the City of Racine and surrounding communities.
  • To devise and give effect to measures fostering interest in and knowledge of the fire fighting profession.
  • To perpetuate the memory and spirit of the men and women of the fire fighting profession.
  • To maintain and offer our Rehab/Canteen Service in the event of an emergency to the Chiefs of the recognized Fire and Law Enforcement Departments of Southeast Wisconsin or to any other recognized governing body.

Current Officers for 2018

  • Scott Tangerstrom, President
  • Dave Hedden, Vice President
  • Sarah Tangerstrom, Treasurer
  • Tom Gavahan, Secretary

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